Tangerine's intention is to create a peaceful, welcoming community space. My hope is to provide experiences and treatments that inspire and encourage my guests on their journey to living and aging gracefully. Believing in the power of nature as an amazing healer, we focus on working with natural and botanical products combined with modern technology to provide effective treatments.

Katie Breitling opened Tangerine™ in 2006 in the Historic Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle. She moved the business in 2017 just around the corner to it's current location on Wallingford Ave.

Elana Bruinsma joined the crew in 2017 as an independent contractor. She runs her own business out of Tangerine™. We enjoy working together while running our independent businesses because we share similar views on skincare and value taking great care of our guests.


Founder, Esthetician



Services - Please book with your preferred provider

We use proven ingredients such as seed oils, probiotics and botanical extracts to nourish the skin barrier and enrich our formulas with clean cosmeceuticals: plant stem cells, AHAs, retinols and peptides that provide real benefits to the skin.

We provide face and full body waxing using a gentle honey strip wax.

* Please note that waxing cannot be provided if you're on antibiotics, accutane, or retinols.

Contact  —  


Tangerine Spa Studio

4421 Wallingford Ave N

Seattle, WA 98103

(206) 790-3846

Katie: (206) 790-3846


Elana: 1(719) 963-9960


To make an appointment you can schedule online or reach out by text, email, or calling. Please don't use Facebook or Instagram to contact me. I'm terrible at checking those!


I look forward to our time together. Please honor my time by giving me 48 hours notice if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment. There is a 100% service charge for last minute cancellations and no shows. Thank you for understanding and respecting this.


There is free one & two hour street parking. If your appointment is longer there is all day parking one block South.

Specials  —  

Virtual Microcurrent Facials - coming soon

Interested in the details? Please email Katie and we can discuss


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